Dj Lycox
Dj Lycox is one of the most talented and influential producers in the contemporary urban/club ecosystem sustained by the Afro-diasporic rhizome. A wonderful mind and graceful spirit, born in Portugal of Angolan descent and is currently based in London, he is also part of the Tia Maria Produções crew. His solo debut record arrived on Lisbon's finest at the tail end of 2017, entitled ‘Sonhos & Pesadelos’.

So far live highlights include enthralling sets at Berghain’s Saule, Paris’ ClubSilencio, London's XOYO, Unsound Festival in Krakow, NOS Primavera Sound in Porto, 2019's Cannes Festival Semaine de la Critique’s Opening party or ResidentAdvisor's XFER weekender in Los Angeles and Mexico City.
Dj Nídia
Nidia is an internationally acclaimed Afro-Portuguese electronic producer and DJ, based out of Vale da Amoreira, south bank of River Tagus, across from Lisbon. As part of the Príncipe Discos record label and artistic collective, she has been having a decisive role, both as an individual artist and within the community, in bringing inspiringly progressive aesthetics and ethics to the contemporary alternative dance infrastructure across the globe, and the kuduro culture in particular.

Príncipe Discos is a record label based in Lisbon, Portugal. It is dedicated to releasing 100% of the true contemporary dance music coming from this city, its suburbs, projects, and favelas: new sounds, shapes, and structures with their own set of poetics and cultural identity.
Ece Canlı
Ece Canlı is a musician, artist and researcher; born and raised in Turkey and based in Portugal. Her work sits at the intersection of body politics, counterfactual narratives, extralinguistic expressions, myths and extended vocal techniques. Her tools of investigation include voice, sound, performance, text and artifacts.

She has collaborated with various artists, musicians and academics internationally and produced texts and sounds for performances, exhibitions and videos. She is currently a researcher at CECS (The Communication and Society Research Centre) at University of Minho. In November 2020, she released her solo debut album VOX FLORA, VOX FAUNA and continues to create for staged performances both in collaborations (e.g. COBRACORAL, NOOITO, Live Low) and as a soloist.
Gregory Pennisten with Justin Estrella, Mark Maher, Nick Guilbert and Ross Mariani
Fabric commissioned Gregory Penniston, a Fall River-based artist, to transform the tunnel beneath Interstate 195 at Rodman St. into a living art gallery, making it a privileged space for art-making and collective expression. Under Penniston’s direction, the project invites artists from the New England artistic scene (from different generations and backgrounds) to create artworks in the tunnel that translate the community’s multiple expressions, languages, and geographies. This continuous living wall can foster creativity and generate new perceptions and feelings of belonging towards the whole area and trail as a vibrant, lively, and safe place for everyone.
João Pedro Vale & Nuno Alexandre Ferreira
The duo João Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira develop a formal and conceptual investigation that questions social and political constructions anchored and expanded from a queer perspective. They began their artistic careers in the late 90s. In 2004, they began working together, developing projects that stand out for their diversity of media, supports and languages, from sculpture to photography, curatorship, performances, and video.

At Fabric, the artists present Semiotics of the Cod, a dinner in the form of a performance lecture where the audience is invited to a collective cooking session. It’s the result of an artist residency developed in LIAF – Lofoten International Art Festival (Norway) around cod history.
Maria Ana Vasco Costa
Maria Ana Vasco Costa lives and works in Lisbon. She has a degree in Architecture and joined the author ceramics course at Ar.Co – Centro de Arte e Comunicaçãoo Visual, of which she is, since 2014, responsible for the Ceramics Department. She works with ceramics applied to architecture and sculpture, drawing, and painting. Ceramic is her material of choice, namely for the plastic possibilities that the finished ceramic body offers in terms of color, depth, temperature, variation, and sound.

At Fabric, the artist presents a sculpture garden installed in the Quequechan Rivel Rail Trail, near the Rodman St Street entrance, which can evoke a small town and also function as small benches and tables for communal use.
Mitchell Mauricio
Mitchell Mauricio was born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts to Azorean immigrants, his father from Porto Formoso, S. Miguel and his mother from Santa Cruz, Flores. He grew up surrounded by music and trying all the different foods, tasting the beautiful differences between the expatriates of the mainland, Madeira, and all the Azorean islands. Once grown, Mitchell attended the Johnson & Wales University for Culinary Arts. He worked at a number of fine restaurants, including five years at Castle Hill Inn, a Relais & Chateaux hotel in Newport, Rhode Island. Then, at the young age of 27, he became the executive chef of Agawam Hunt in Rumford, Rhode Island, a prestigious private club founded in 1897, which is where he remains today. He currently resides in Somerset, Massachusetts.

Mitchell’s culinary style focuses heavily on tradition. A melding of traditions that the Azorean diaspora hold so close to their hearts; tradition that is proper cooking and classical technique; and the hardy traditions of our New England cold-water fisherman and short-summer farmers. He truly loves to convey this through the lens of fine dining, revealing beauty in the commonly overlooked. He would never say that he cooks traditional Portuguese dishes, but utilizes bits and pieces throughout his menus, to show-off favorite elements of Azorean & Portuguese cuisine.
Norberto Lobo
Norberto Lobo is one of the most cherished musicians to appear in Portugal over the last two decades. He is – primarily – a guitarist whose work has revealed an inexhaustible detail, sense of discovery, and creativity throughout several albums and countless live appearances. From albums like Pata Lenta or Muxama that already populate a collective imagination to a sense of risk that leads him to experiment with bands – as in the most recent Estrela – or collaborations such as Montanhas Azuis, with Bruno Pernadas and Marco Franco.
PMDS is an electronic act that incorporates elements of ambient, experimental and techno, formed by Pedro Sousa and Filipe Caetano. The former has classical piano training and Filipe many miles as a DJ, both sharing a (un)controllable passion for analog gear, synthesizers and other gadgets that only similar freaks will recognize.

They released their first album in 2011 with the Portuguese label Thisco and toured the following ear playing in several Portuguese cities, festivals, and clubs. At the end of 2021, “Caloura”, their second  album, came out on the Label Variz, presenting a shifting from their industrial / trip-hop influences on their first album to a more ambient / techno/atmosphere. In their live shows, they take part of their analog gear and build tracks totally from the machines on stage, with no overdubbing or safety nets, partially relying on improvisation, making way for something increasingly rarer: the human error. Pedro’s characteristic heavily processed pianos and self-made electro-acoustic instruments and Filipe’s techno-influenced beats and bass allow listeners to immerse in an electronic dream journey.
Príncipe Discos
Príncipe Discos is a record label based in Lisbon, Portugal. It is dedicated to releasing 100% of the true contemporary dance music coming from this city, its suburbs, projects, and favelas: new sounds, shapes, and structures with their own set of poetics and cultural identity.

They will present an immersive installation that establishes a new meeting space throughout the period of the festival at FR MoCA, crossing the experimental sound of Príncipe Discos and Márcio Matos artwork. They will also steer the Communal Picnic party at Quequechan River Rail Trail with the amazing Nídia + DJ Lycox.
Shabazz Palaces
Shabazz Palaces is an American hip hop group from Seattle led by Ishmael Butler a.k.a. Palaceer Lazaro in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Tendai “Baba” Maraire. They are back with yet another classic of divine mathematics design, with dazzling Afrofuturist sutras to illuminate distant constellations with sacred abstractions.
Symposium Records
Symposium Records showcases forward-thinking electronic dance music ranging techno, house, electro, bass, dnb, and hybrid styles. Based in Providence, Scott MX and Jacob Herschel promote inclusive events throughout the year like Bleep & Klang, Symposium Records @ The Red Door & Symposium Records @ Machines With Magnets. Alongside playing several events and venues, they also sell electronic dance music vinyl records.
Tyler Inman | Smokestack Studios
Tyler Inman earned his BFA in furniture design from RISD in 2006. In addition to his studio practice, he has served as adjunct faculty at RISD since 2014 and manager of Smokestack Studios, a cooperative maker space in Fall River. His work has been exhibited at the Fuller Craft Museum and New Bedford Art Museum in MA and appeared in American Craft.

Smokestack Studios is a collective studio of artists housed in Fall River’s historic Metacomet Mill. The studio was established in 2007 when Rosanne Somerson, Alphonse Mattia, Charlie Swanson, and Eck Follen merged their studios together to form a collective space. Since then, the studio has housed numerous artists working in a variety of mediums and styles.
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